When you can't fine the answer , change the perspective .

you'll find it if you meant to .

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sometimes, being not able to find the answer is predetermined. you'd better know that sometimes life is really ruthless and we can't do anything, even with changing the perspective


The limited duration of our life doesn't let us to try everything ;)


برای جذاب بودن یا باید خیلی پرحرف بود، یا باید خیلی کم حرف بود، چیزی که مهمه اینکه کیفیت حرف زدن چقدر بالا باشه،خیلیا کم حرف میزنن اما حرف کمشون واقعا محتوا داره، امیدوارم به حرف پدرتم گوش بدی.. در مورد زبان، بهترین جواب: It's Better that You try to Stay in your room and watch movie..Teaching is for people that they know the real meaning of Words.. Not For Potatos Like you..:)